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Setting Up Email for Your Website with cPanel

08 October 2012

Once you have your site hosted, you’ll want to have email accounts set up. We generally put clients on HostGator hosting because it offers fast loading times for the price, generally very good customer support, and a fully equipped cPanel, which is the backend that you’ll use to set up email accounts and to install WordPress.

To access cPanel, go to URL/cpanel, so for this site it’s There, enter your login and password. Hostgator sent this info to you in an email when you set up hosting. It’ll look something like this


Once logged in, tell the popups to buzz off and then find the icon labeled Email Accounts under the mail tab.


Click the link which brings you to the setup page. Enter your desired email address and password, and create your account.


Then to see your mail settings, scroll down and click MORE and then click Configure Email Client. That will give you settings to set up your email with Outlook or, the method I prefer, routing that mail to your already existing gmail account.


View the tutorial to set up Email hosting through Gmail.

Ryan Howard - post author

Director of Strategy at Complete Web Resources