Content Marketing Services

We are immersed in the industry and well-experienced at content targeting with an understanding of which avenues are most effective for a given client. We also have ability to heavily leverage optimized content online and make sure it’s promoted on the best outlets, both for direct traffic and for optimal search ranking benefits.

Smart Content Matters

Content creation and proper utilization is one of the most highly effective means of improving search placements and it’s completely aligned with Google, Bing, and the other search engine’s best practices guidelines. Search engines love to organize content and data, and the more you have to offer, the more often they’ll come back to your website to see what’s new.

Online content is only one section of content marketing. The other half is content created for marketing and sales purposes that may be shared in some other way such as at meetings or via email. Content helps you build your brand, sell you products or services, and develop a solid web presence that will rank well in search engines.

All together, content creation services include the production of a wide range of materials in a number of formats, such as article or blog post submissions, videos through YouTube or hosted on Vimeo or on your own site, audio from online radio shows and podcasts, webpage texts and images hosted on your own website to generate leads, optimized press releases and other syndicated content, powerpoint and slide presentations, social media content, and white papers and PDFs.

Content creation is time consuming, and increasingly more so as quality increases, making it difficult for some companies to keep up with their competitors. Often companies will hire in-house people to create content, or they may turn to a content creation service such as ours to outsource their content fulfillment needs.

Content Marketing Services in Three Steps

1. Strategic Alignment

To be effective, efficient, and produce content that is above market standards but below market costs, we not only need great content sourcing partners, but also to be able to give our people a specific, well-aligned, and goal oriented project plan. This can take as little as a phone conversation or as much as a number of meetings to fully understand your company and goals. It depends on the scope of the project. Once we have a solid understanding and marketing blueprint with specific goals, we’ll determine how much of the content we need will be targeted as promotional and how much will be internal or sales-focused.

2. Content Development

We have a skilled team of content creation specialists that each work almost exclusively in their respective media. For this reason, our article writers, bloggers, PR writers, social media folks, video producers, graphic artists, infographic developers, and so on are all seasoned players in their respective fields. This makes for fast work, in depth understanding of market trends, and very hight quality results. A majority of our SEO spend for a given client is on content creation, so we’ve been doing this long enough to know exactly what works and what doesn’t. We rarely need revisions and to some degree our content is of such quality that it promotes itself.

3. Content Promotion

Without effective promotion optimal outlets, content marketing is totally useless in developing new leads and business. Email campaigns, guest posts, Pinterest, bookmarking, infographic databases, YouTube, niche blogs and sites, LinkedIn, Facebook, forums, and Google+ are all tools at our disposal for distributing your content. If your content needs are for direct sales or marketing purposes, dispersal will be through direct contact, email, or on site in most cases, and we also work with sales partners to improve positioning and aid inside sales teams.

SEO Content Creation

Our network has tons of actual sites that are active, engaged, real, and we put content where it makes sense, and where it plays well with existing websites. We create web presence with multiple levels of promotional support that all aid and benefit your site as the leader of your market segment. If you’re a lawyer or a cleaning service we employ a full network of supporting sites to promote you.

The list here is a start since these methods are so hip (work well) right now. They garner a lot of inbound link flow, and if you go the right route, don’t waste your time or money.

  • Infographics and promotion
  • Letting people post quality on your blog
  • Guest blogging on other sites
  • Writing posts with link bait headlines
  • Relevant Niche Sites, relevance is key
  • Educational Content
  • Crowdsourced posts
  • Interviews
  • Posting Ego Bait
  • Doing Case Studies
  • Publishing Data or Factoids
  • Letting People Vote
  • Contests
  • Press Releases
  • And we build links, where they get noticed

To succeed online, content marketing is imperative. Even if all the content you need is solely promotional in the sense that it is developed to improve your website’s rankings and grab additional content, content development should still remain a core marketing activity. We’re experts at creating hight-quality, inexpensive content and moving it out in such a way that you get new leads and sales.