Set Up Email Hosting Through Gmail

First login to your gmail account, the one you’d like to use to connect with the email account you just set up.

From there, click the cog at the right hand side and then click the Settings tab from the drop down.


Then click the accounts and import tab and scroll down to Check mail from other accounts (using POP3):


Click Add an Email Account You Own, then enter your email address.


Now follow the prompts Gmail gives you, no need to make screenshots, as it’s very self explanatory from here. You’ll use your mail settings from the Configure Email Client settings you had in hostgator.

Some notes:

  • User name requires a + as in
  • Using an alias is a good idea.
  • Leaving mail on the server is fine, but I don’t ever do so. Gmail has more space than I’d ever use and I simply
  • drop all my read mail there into the archive. (out of the inbox, but there if I ever need to search for something)

You’ll need to go through the validation stuff that gmail requires in order to send from that email account, but it’s simple, just follow the steps Gmail offers.