Social Media Marketing

Social media is an essential SEO service that encourages and engages visitors. As part of the basic program, we build out Facebook, create graphics, get likes, and optimize the page. Having likes and optimizing social profiles raises rankings and promotes your brand.  For a glance at what we can do from a social standpoint, look at the likes and other social metrics of this Austin Infographic.

Facebook Design

An effective, visually striking and professionally optimized Facebook presence helps with branding and increases site visitors as it’s the first impression visitors get when venturing to your site.


A call to action encourages visitors to “like” your page and stay connected. At that point, you have another additional potential customer that will see your updates and continue to be presented with your brand in the future. If you run specials or promotions, you can easily post to Facebook and your entire network will see the alerts.

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest works wonders for marketing digital and tangible products. It ranks well innately and the continual addition of new pins can mean lots of traffic to your site.


While Pinterest is a great fit if you are selling products, it’s has strong SEO benefit even if you are selling professional services or AC repair because of the link flow and social signals that Google loves to see.

Google Plus Optimization

Google+ is fast becoming the number one game in town when it comes to ranking benefit. We’ve seen clients with new websites make big jumps by connecting an active Google+ profile to their site, and we’ve seen clients in rough and tumble markets go from ranking 3rd to first for major keywords with proper Google Plus optimization and alignment.


For many clients, we’ll install Google authorship on your website site so you get an image next to your listing in Google SERPs. We also align your profile and add it to numerous relevant circles, thereby developing the audience you need to make Google a powerful ally in your online success.

Linked-In Optimization

We’ll help you set up and optimize a company page and make sure you personal page is correctly aligned. In addition to improving your site’s rankings, the profile on LinkedIn itself can present a professional image to visitors checking out your company.


LinkedIn also allows visitors to read an overview of your company, see and connect with your employees who are on LinkedIn, review your offerings, view your tweets and blog posts, link to news articles about your organization, etc. We direct you on keyword focus to target markets and grab LinkedIn searches, joining the appropriate groups to augment your network, and fully optimizing your content for maximum visibility.