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How to Use Infographics to Acquire Links

For the last few months, SEO consultants have been scrambling to find ways around Google’s Penguin algorithm, which have turned linking strategies into a little more than a dirty word. The problem, from Google’s perspective, is that a vast network of links pointing back to a website doesn’t necessarily verify the value of the site […]

How to Tweak the BigCommerce Framework for Optimal Search Placements

Rapidly growing to become one of the most popular eCommerce frameworks, BigCommerce has everything a store needs to be successful. From automated emails for abandoned carts to fully customizable url structures, the company has easily positioned itself as the framework of choice for marketing-driven eCommerce stores. In addition to the suite of marketing tools, migrating […]

How to send Bulk emails with ASP.NET code

Sending emails to numerous recipients at one time is an important task for most websites. For a ASP.NET (4.0) developer, you use this function quite frequently. After following the steps in this article, you will be able to send emails to a list of people just with the click of a button. Suppose you are […]

The 10 Best and Worst States for Small Business – Infographic

A Study of the Friendliest and Least Friendly States for Small Businesses – Infographic Thinking of starting a small business? Here are a few thing you should know about your state first. Feel FREE to Use this Infographic! We are more than happy to let you use this infographic, but our licensing to you requires […]

How to Change Default Text Editor On Mac OSX to TextWrangler

Efficiency is key. There’s no need to go through and right click, then select which program with witch to open a file every time. It’s much easier to tell your Mac to simply make its default editor whatever you’d like. We use TextWrangler. Make life easy, and set your Mac so that every time you […]

How to Make a Payment with Dwolla – Step By Step Guide

Dwolla is a new payment processing system that we’ve started using to replace both PayPal, which is expensive (2.9% is their exorbitant fee) and also to replace the old, tired send checks in the mail method. Snail mail is cheap but the postal system here in the US is about as reliable as a Pontiac. […]

Make TextWrangler the Default for Mac OS X

Making your default text editor Text Wrangler is pretty simple, but admittedly some never get around to doing it. There is an option when you right click on a .css file for example to open with TextWrangler, and then you can even select “Apply to All” but that doesn’t really work when you connect to […]

Small Business SEO

For any small business, the internet is one of the primary sources of customer acquisition and lead generation. That is why, as a small business owner, it is extremely important for you to have a well-designed website and a strong online presence. But that alone is not enough to get you customers from your website. […]

Amazon A9 Optimization – How to Improve Your Listings

Amazon Optimization – Are You Findable? Out of all marketplaces, Amazon holds–and requires that sellers adhere to–some of the highest retail standards on the web. When these standards and regulations are paired with the vast number of data fields, it can make navigating the 800lb retail-goliath quite difficult. Implement the points hit upon in this […]

Get a List of All the URLs from a Website

Find and create a list of all the urls of a particular website You might need to do this if you’re moving to a new permalink structure and need to 301 redirect the pages. For large sites, a lot of time can be saved by making good use of free sitemap generators online and excel. […]