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Industry Leading Austin SEO Services

CWR dominates local, national, and international search markets. Our strategy centers on playing the game smarter, faster and more effectively. We test algorithm changes obsessively, keep our costs incredibly low, and move sites in competitive markets obscenely fast. The website optimization tactics we employ enable companies and individuals to achieve optimal placements that stick and that generate lots of leads that turn into sales. We focus on ROI, and we’re here to do one thing, make you loads of money.

Services Arrangement

We’re very good at this and as a result, highly confident that we can create value for clients every single month, so our search engine optimization campaigns are scheduled on a month-to-month, no long-term commitment basis, planning campaigns at the beginning of the month, and reporting at month’s end. You only have to sign up for one month to test out our service.

Tailored Strategies, Targeted Results

Our clients range from national brands and hardcore e-commerce markets, to local Austin SEO and other local businesses across the country. The tools and strategies we employ evolve constantly and are custom tailored to every client based on type of business, audience, keyword competition, existing sites in the market, and so on. We research and develop new techniques continually to ensure our SEO services drive and maintain optimal search placements.

Honest, hard working, and straightforward. Just good people doing high quality work. Very highly recommended.

Cameron BrownOwner, Einstein Moving Company

Our inbound leads have increased 1000% from 2 leads a week to over 50 per salesperson. It’s astounding what they’ve done. We’ve seen upward movement every month since starting the project. We’re blown away with the quality of the site they built for us and with how much our investment has returned.

Keith SchmidtSVP, The Eraser Company

I’ve been executing video SEO campaigns for clients for over 5 years. When our usual tactics aren’t getting the results we need, I turn to Complete Web Resources for their unique strategies that take the videos to the next level to outrank the competition.

CJ BruceChuckJoe

I avoided SEO after a crummy deal the first time. Ryan managed to say with some degree of certainty what to expect and we went ahead. Two months and we had major terms on the front page. It’s been almost a year now and the Internet has become our only lead source.

Bob HowardCEO, Sales Overdrive

First Month of SEO Services

What does a month of SEO buy you with the Complete Web Resources? We set a budget based on competition in your market, and for a basic first month, here’s an idea of what you get.

Research, Competition Analysis, and Keyword Analysis

  • Research web competition and analyze competitor sites, determining backlink competition, general SEO health of competition, and outlook for successful campaign given initial keyword ideas.
  • Keyword research based on competition and determination of best keywords for ROI. Sometimes it’s better to go with niche terms. Other times it’s better to go right for the highest volume terms. Depends on budget and competition. However, we do work on a larger set of terms in all cases so as to prevent over-optimization. Longtail terms often convert at much higher rates as well.
  • Research competition site backlinks and compile list of potential link opportunities. This can be quite extensive, but highly effective at determining industry specific links that we will be able to grab.
  • Research niche directories and niche blogs with opportunities for backlinks.
  • Analysis of social media profiles and social web presence.


On Site Search Engine Optimization

  • Meta, title, description and header tag addition or sculpting throughout the site.
  • Keyword density analysis.
  • Rewrite of content as necessary.
  • Backend site optimization such as eliminating coding errors, caching plugins, site load speed testing, etc. (there are about 25 small items on this checklist).
  • Analysis or inclusion of proper conversion tools, elements, forms (ie. conversion optimization).
  • Ensuring keyword focus for search volumes.
  • Installation of Google Webmasters and Analytcs, creation of sitemap, etc.


Comprehensive Website Audit

We run a complete scan of all the pages on your website as well as back link profile. We look for negative links, broken inbound links, top competitor link profiles, top producing pages, and highest traffic pages. We look at title tags, meta descriptions, weed out duplicate content issues, examine product descriptions, look at canonicalization, html validation, site loading speeds, mobile usability, traffic patterns, URL structures, internal linking, robots.txt, xml sitemaps, and any additional potential problems issues specific to your website that come up along the way. We produce spreadsheets for all this data so we have actionable info to take a high level approach to improving search performance.

Ongoing Services

Many of the items on the list are all ongoing, such as site changes, keyword adjustments, and especially promotion items such as link building and reputation management. except for local listings and citations which only happen at the onset of local campaigns, with ongoing periodic reviews to address any issues that may crop up.

Linkbuilding and Offsite Promotion

Through our existing and continually growing relationships with key influencers on major websites, we produce and publish high quality, relevant, niche specific content for the purposes of brand development, increasing referral traffic, and building links back to client sites.

  • Targeted specific content creation
  • Link building on highly relevant, in-niche websites
  • Niche posts from authoritative websites
  • Infographic creation and promotion
  • Local citation creation and optimization
  • Social media and reputation management
  • Youtube and video promotion

This involves the development of a comprehensive link profile based on Google Webmaster Tools and Link Research Tools reports to evaluate you existing link profile as per Google guidelines and latest algorithm updates. Our SEO consultants determine which of your existing links need removal and contact webmasters for removal requests. After four weekly email requests, we file a Google disavowal request on your behalf if necessary.


Reporting & Results

Before beginning any marketing campaign and applying web optimization strategies, our scoring metrics determine your current state with an experience-based estimate of what it will take to be successful and dominate your market or niche. If it’s a tough win, we’ll tell you upfront.

Reporting is how your SEO company lets you know you’re getting your money’s worth. We run your rankings at the end of every month so you know exactly how many positions you’ve moved up for each and every keyword and send you a detailed record of exactly what’s going on with your campaign.

What’s Your Austin SEO Consulting Firm Doing for Your Business?

While we love architecting internet marketing campaigns from the ground up, are very aware of the staggering number of website optimization companies that over-charge and under-deliver for online marketing services. Our backgrounds running numerous businesses, across several verticals allow us to say with complete certainty that we are the top Austin SEO firm and have the results and case studies to back that up.

If your current internet marketing agency company isn’t yielding the results you want, give us a call. We regularly manage client campaigns with a past history of search efforts, and we’re experts at sniffing out penalties from less than ethical search engine optimization tactics.

With our search promotion programs, we don’t just focus on getting your website to the top of the search engines. We develop comprehensive internet marketing strategies to ensure that your marketing spend with us will ROI quickly. Our experience running online businesses at the national level provides us with an obscenely competitive advantage over your competitors in the local Austin market. We provide better service for less, without any commitments or long-term contacts; the reason we have clients this month is because we made them money last month.

We’ve generated millions in revenue in both Austin search markets and nationally. Unlike most firms, we don’t use a standard procedure or “template” for ranking your business; we assess your goals, budget, competition, and existing efforts to ensure that we deliver the maximum value possible to keep you as a client, for life.

The Austin SEO Company You’ll Love

Locally owned and operated Austin businesses focused on a strategic online presence to produce leads and customers maintain a massive advantage over websites that don’t cater to the requirements of modern search engines.

In Google search, locally, here in Austin, there are large sections of readily won visibility in local organic search results.

Contact us today to discuss whether we might be able to help you bring in more traffic and grow your business..

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