Each client objective is different, and we take a creative, unique approach to produce maximum ROI for every engagement.

Case Study: Local SEO

This local moving company came to us with a massive Google penalty from a previous SEO engagement as a result of numerous low value and negative links and an immense amount of content on the site with no social or link flow.

The existing market is highly competitive and one of the toughest local SEO markets in Austin.



We ran a comprehensive website audit and backlink analysis to determine which pages on the site were considered low value and could be eliminated. We then evaluated and scored all of the website’s existing links, segmenting any with high risk potential based on multiple grading criteria, requested removals via email with multiple contact attempts, and then disavowed any links that were not removed with Google’s disavow tool.

We then optimized the website, aligning keyword strategy with on-page elements, optimized images, integrated schema.org html tags, tuned the site for page speed, made design adjustments to focus on conversions, and improved the mobile site experience.

Lastly, we audited any existing local citations and then claimed, created, optimized, and built out listings as needed. Aligning name, address, and phone number info is an excellent trust factor for Google and improves search results, also making it much easier to rank in Google’s local pack and maps results.

We also integrated the most important of these networks into the site and consulted on optimal ways to request and gain additional customer reviews. Einstein now has over 300 reviews on Yelp and nearly 100 reviews on Google places.



Einstein now ranks on page one for evert competitive search term in their niche. They are dominant and in positions 1-3 for over two dozen terms. In addition to dominating Austin, they have recently opened up an additional location in Austin, and a new location in Dallas, with plans to expand to Houston and San Antonio next quarter.


Case Study: SEO for International Product Sales

The existing market is highly competitive with total matching search results pages numbering near 50 million in Google alone for all terms in the initial organic SEO campaign.

Competitors include numerous strong sites with many years of site age and a wide range of inbound links.

Project Goals

This wire processing machine manufacturer was losing market share, and they engaged Complete Web Resources for web strategy consulting and a complete, full-spectrum SEO service program. The client’s goal was to utilize organic search (SEO) to increase lead volume and market share and reduce their PPC and affiliate reliance and expenditures.


Complete Web Resources determined that the current site architecture was outdated and architected a new site, designed to rank innately, and with ecommerce functionality to sell the company’s machines and tools online.

Complete Web Resources built the new site around conversion-focused keywords, adding new keywords and categorizing the products and pages in such a way as to support ranking pages.

The website was completed in month one, with significant jumps in rankings as a result, and our client went forward with a 6-month initial organic search contract.

Complete Web Resources then turned to linkbuilding, optimizing YouTube videos, integrating and promoting strategic social channels, developing strong mini websites and developing additional promotional materials to bait links and drive traffic.


Traffic Results

The following above shows our client’s Google Analytics traffic numbers before their contract with Complete Web Resources and then after we rebuilt their site and began promotion.

As you can see, before our client engaged Complete Web Resources their site visits averaged about 250 per business day.

After implementing our program, they jumped to an average of some 420 visits per day with outliers in the upper 500’s.

This is even more dramatic considering that we eliminated $3000-$5000 a month in pay-per-click expenditures and more than replaced those site visits with targeted organic traffic.

Business Development Results

After 6 months of promotion and SEO strategy with Complete Web Resources, our client reported the following results as per their campaign:

1. Inbound leads increased from 2 leads per week to 200 per week.
2. A 51% increase in traffic just from the old website to the new website.
3. Total organic traffic increase of 223%.
4. International traffic increased by 89%.

These are significant numbers, the most important of which being the number of additional inbound leads. Our client was also able to completely eliminate their hefty pay-per-click Google Adwords spend and drop many of the other affiliate sites to which they paid between $5,000 and $20,000 annually to advertise their products.

Case Study: Local SEO

Jay Hargrave Architecture is a well-know architecture firm based in Austin. The design-build firm specializes primarily in modern residential projects but does some work in the commercial space as well.

The existing market is competitive with multiple firms promoting in the niche and matching SERPS in the tens of millions for the family of keywords making up the campaign.


Project Goals

Not only did we want to bring an all modern architecture terms, but also general architecture terms both with Austin as a keyword and location qualifier within the search query, but also for searches within Austin but made without “Austin” in the query. Client was also in need of a new website and build out of social profiles and local profiles such as Google Places, Yelp, and the like.


Complete Web Resources developed a new website, built from the ground up, that would both project a sense of the architecture firm’s sense of style and modern vision, but with all the components necessary to a successful search marketing campaign. We built the site with a comprehensive keyword strategy in mind, optimized backed code, implemented essential SEO elements such as schema.org and title and meta tags, tuned keyword density, and properly managed URL redirects from the old website. We also developed a custom back end console to allowing junior architects at the firm to upload and properly place and tag new photos with SEO best practices in mind.

After launching the site, we executed our robust local directory citation campaign, compiling a list of existing citations, claiming stray listings, and then creating new listings based on our active database of over 200 sites, optimizing the listings, complete with images, categories, and varied descriptions for all listings.

Finally, we implemented a link building campaign targeting niche architecture websites, both found from our own research and developed from competitors’ link profiles. We focused on high value links from highly relevant sites with minimal anchor text usage.


As per our last conversation, Jay Hargrave Architecture was completely booked for new projects for over a year out.

The firm’s website now ranks on the first page of SERPS for every important keyword in the program. The website enjoys listings in the local pack for general architect and architecture terms with and without the Austin qualifier, and ranks first for “Austin modern architect,” “modern architect Austin,” and so on.

Website traffic to the firm’s website has more than tripled, and current rankings are holding strong even with no additional promotion for over a year after project completion at the time of this post.

Case Study: Ecommerce

The existing market is highly competitive with massive international jewelers competing in the niche. Competitors such as Ross-Simons and Lang Antiques have websites with over 400,000 and 289,000 indexed pages respectively. Competitor link profiles are in the millions of links and SERPs results are in the tens of millions of results.

Project Goals

Rankings for The Three Graces were stuck on page two for a large number of major terms and the client wanted to break into competitive ranking positions for terms related to engagement rings.

After an initial audit, The Three Graces engaged Complete Web Resources for ongoing promotion and SEO consulting, as well as a complete audit of the existing PPC campaign.


Complete Web Resources ran an in-depth audit of the client’s link profile, on-site and back end architecture, and internal linking.

We also looked at competitor link profiles, pulled together a massive list of link opportunities, a developed a content strategy to drive additional traffic, links, and engagement.

We also recommended a restructuring of the website architecture and internal linking to the clients developers, realigned title tags, and made on-site content improvement recommendations.

Complete Web Resources then turned to link building and promotion, turing to relevant, high-traffic blogs to drive additional traffic and link flow.



After implementation of the SEO strategy recommended by Complete Web Resources, client began to see steady improvements in rankings, with a break out month 7 months after the onset of the campaign with significant jumps in rankings to dominant positions in SERPs. During this month organic traffic increased by 30% and conversions doubled.