Grime Time Sales
Increased By 600%

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“We’re only two-and-a-half years old and we’re already doing $1 million a year at this point. A good chunk of that revenue is from our online presence and the work of Complete SEO.”

Josh Belcher,
Owner/Operator, Grime Time
+600%in sales
+332%in traffic to website

SEO Services

  • Cleaned up the backlink
    profile of their web domain
  • Link building
  • Reputation management
  • Local search optimization
  • On-site optimizations

The Client


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Waste Disposal
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Austin, TX (USA)

Grime Time is an Austin-based waste disposal company. They offer rolloff dumpster delivery services. They work with both residential and commercial customers in Central Texas.

The Challenge


Josh Belcher was no stranger to the waste removal world in Austin, Texas. He knew the challenges, he knew the market, and he knew what it took to succeed.

When Josh started Grime Time, a dumpster rental service in Austin, he found himself owning a domain with some history. Unknown to him, the domain had previously been owned by a cleaning company, as well as a hip hop artist, both based out of the UK.

This created problems for Josh in the highly competitive world of waste removal in Austin. An online presence was essential for success, but his business was being buried under a mountain of old backlinks with the domain and wasn’t ranking well in local searches.

“When you purchase a domain with a high number of irrelevant backlinks, it confuses Google, and takes a lot of work to fix the link profile.”

The Solution


Josh knew that without a solid online presence, he was leaving money on the table. He started looking for SEO companies that could help him correct the issues they were having with their local search presence.

Complete SEO conducted an audit of the Grime Time website. Based on their findings, they made a series of optimizations to the back end, optimized content on the site itself for search and conversions, and improved design and the mobile experience.

Then they executed an outreach campaign to build awareness across hyperrelevant websites in niches like realty and home improvement, increasing dumpster rental SEO rankings.

Throughout it all, communication was fluid. They always took the time to keep Josh in the loop about what they were doing and why.

“One of the biggest things that annoys me is when I call somebody to ask them for an update and they stonewall me with one or two sentences. Kyle has stayed on the phone with me for up to two hours before. It ended up being totally worth it.”

The Results


Within a year of starting to work with Complete SEO, Grime Time was no longer being buried in local search.

Best of all, sales are up a staggering 600%. This impressive sales growth was driven by two important factors:

  1. More relevance in local search leading to a huge increase in website traffic. Complete SEO’s link building efforts helped boost traffic by 332%. Grime Time now ranks in the top spots for important keywords, and the top spot on map rankings, knocking out the established competition (which happens to be owned by an SEO company).
  2. A highly improved website user experience and a custom-built form on the website that allows potential customers to get a quote 24/7. Allowing customers to instantly get a quote without spending 30 minutes on the phone is something that none of Josh’s competitors are doing. It greatly reduces friction when it comes to closing a deal and gives them the competitive edge they need to thrive.

“I remember being excited about doing $20,000 for the month. Now here we are, and last month we did almost $300,000.

We’re only two-and-a-half years old and we’re already doing $1 million a year at this point. A good chunk of that revenue is from our online presence and the work of Complete SEO.”

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