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“If I didn’t have a successful mediation firm, I’d never be teaching at a top tier law school [and] I wouldn’t be the president of a national mediation organization.

I’m responsible for a lot of that, but there is an engine driving things forward. I believe that Complete SEO is that engine.”

Michael Aurit,
Founder, The Aurit Center for Divorce Mediation
+300%cases per month
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+6new locations

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The Client


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Divorce Mediation
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Arizona (USA)

The Aurit Center for Divorce Mediation is Arizona’s premier divorce mediation firm to help avoid harmful court battles. They help clients settle a divorce on their own terms without damaging a child’s development.

The Challenge


Michael Aurit, the founder of The Aurit Center for Divorce Mediation, believes that divorce mediation, as opposed to litigation, creates a situation that is better for everyone — especially the children.

But not many people know it’s an option. Most people search for lawyers who practice divorce litigation instead. This, combined with lackluster results from other SEO firms, meant that The Aurit Center wasn’t getting as much traffic to their site as they could have been.

This problem was compounded by the fact that their website wasn’t optimized for conversions.

They wanted to help people. But they needed help with their online presence to make that scale.

“It’s rare in any market for a mediation firm to be successful. People in our culture call attorneys first. They’re told by their friends and colleagues that they’ve got to hire an attorney. Most people don’t know that mediation is an option”

The Solution


When Michael found Complete SEO, he knew right away that they were going to be able to help get the results he needed.

Complete SEO started with The Aurit Center’s website. By improving the design and the internal link structure, they were able to optimize the experience for visitors (increasing conversions) and search engines (bolstering rankings).

To help reduce the cost of leads, Complete SEO also overhauled The Aurit Center’s PPC campaign by eliminating poorly performing ads and ad groups, and dialing in targeting.

Complete SEO executed an outreach campaign that targeted niche publications to help increase the authority of The Aurit Center’s website. Michael was heavily involved in the content creation process with Complete SEO.

“We have a great working relationship. And it happens in real-time. We’ll jump on the phone to make this or that tweak, so the site stays user-friendly. We want to make sure there’s an apparatus to catch leads at every touchpoint.”

The Results


Since partnering with Complete SEO, The Aurit Center is bringing in more leads than ever before. Their caseload has increased by 300% year-over-year and their cost per lead is 1/3 of what it used to be.

The Aurit Center also ranks #1 in maps and organic for all of the important local keywords that Complete SEO helped them target. And they’ve grown their firm to include 6 new locations around Arizona.

The Aurit Center’s reputation now extends beyond state-lines and out of Arizona, which has allowed Michael to position himself as a thought leader in his field at the national level.

Michael now teaches at the law school for Arizona State University. He’s appeared on local affiliates for both NBC and ABC and has been published on droves of major news publications.

Best of all, as far as Michael is concerned, is Complete SEO helps his firm reach the people truly in need of divorce mediation. That means new clients come to him, and he gets to focus on helping navigate their divorces in as healthy a way as possible.

“We have developed an incredible reputation. And not only in this community. We now have a national reputation as one of the finest divorce mediation firms in the country.”

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