Hero Lice Clinics Conversions Increased by 177%

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“When we first hired Complete SEO, we had one clinic. Now we have three. And we’re working towards five! Complete SEO has been with us every step of the way. They have allowed us to focus on those additional locations and helped us plan for the future as we scale up.”

Nate Lever,
Owner, Hero Lice Clinics
177%increase in conversions
100%increase in
traffic month-over-month

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The Client


lice control


Lice control
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Texas (USA)

Hero Lice Clinics provide lice removal and treatment services in the Central Texas area. They follow a four-step process to eliminate lice and eggs. Hero Lice Clinics also provide educational services to schools and camps.

The Challenge


As the owner of Hero Lice Clinics, Nate Lever did what you do in any startup — a little bit of everything. That included looking after marketing, advertising, as well as their website and SEO.

Things had been going great until competition appeared and their rankings began to slip. When Google updated their algorithm, their rankings plummeted. This led to an almost immediate decrease in calls and business.

Nate knew that the best way for Hero Lice Clinics to continue to thrive was to bring in an expert on local SEO.

“Our organic rankings started to drop. We started to lose ground despite having been in this space for a year and a half longer our competitors. When Google did a broad algorithm update, our ranking fell through the floor.”

The Solution


When Nate reached out to local SEO agencies, he heard a lot of promises of fast results from everyone except Complete SEO. Nate knew enough about SEO to know that Complete SEO had laid out a solid plan that would get results over a reasonable period of time.

Complete SEO started by optimizing the Hero Lice Clinics website. They cleaned up the internal linking structure, reduced index bloat and unnecessary pages, added location-specific schema and review markup, and improved page titles and meta descriptions to help click through rates.

Complete SEO optimized Hero Lice Clinics’ Google My Business listings and acquired links through an outreach campaign to drive maps and organic rankings.

“Complete SEO gave it to me straight. They said, ‘It’s going to take time. It’s a process. But we’ll work with you to get results.’ Throughout the entire process, they’ve been nothing but transparent and honest with our site and with our company. It’s been amazing.”

The Challenge


What surprised Nate most about their collaboration was how fast results came in. Complete SEO hadn’t made any hollow promises; they just did the work — and it showed. Traffic to Hero Lice Clinics’ website grew 100% month-over-month.

Within three months, their rankings were better than ever. Complete SEO helped push Hero Lice Clinics to the top of Google for both local search results and map listings.

In under a year, Hero Lice Clinics’ conversions increased 177%.

With Complete SEO handling website optimization, Nate’s been free to focus on growing his business. Hero Lice Clinics now has three locations — and Nate plans to open two more in the near future.

“I was willing to give them six months. When I started to see things happen in month three, I was blown away. Complete SEO knows what they are doing.”

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