eCommerce SEO Services

Your online store greatly depends on searchers being able to easily find your product, category, and brand pages. Without an effective eCommerce SEO campaign, you’re store will never reach it’s full potential. eCommerce is a lucrative industry and a strong search presence can make the difference between $100K and $1M in gross sales. Targeted non-branded search queries is essential to your bottom line and growing your customer base. We started this firm because we got burned by so called “eCommerce SEO experts” who did nothing more than take our money and run. And while most of those firms are out of business, our online stores still rank in for incredibly competitive national terms because of our own work.

Optimized product pages and design convert well above the industry standard.

Our SEO Services Will Make You Money, Guaranteed

Our eCommerce SEO services are highly-refined and drive traffic, conversions, revenue, and return clients. Our approach is based on years of experience ranking stores in the top 3 spots for incredibly competitive terms in markets like vitamins, pet supplies, and consumer electronics. Our eCommerce SEO methods have withstood and benefited from every Google algorithm update for product, category, and brand pages. We outrank Amazon pages and Internet 500 retailers for clients and our own businesses with ease.

eCommerce SEO – Phase 1 – Custom Strategy

Before moving forward with your websites on-page optimization, our team will work with you directly to establish a customized approach that delivers the maximum results for your company. Since no two eCommerce websites are the same, every client we work with has a custom approach based on their business. We’ll review your existing product, category, and brand pages and determine which are the best targets to start with, usually based on sales volume. We’ll also review your existing traffic and conversion rates to ensure our eCommerce SEO services yield return on your investment as rapidly as possible. Keyword research is another critical component and generally uncovers easier long-tail search terms that have a higher degree of commercial intent and typically convert better.

eCommerce SEO – Phase 2 – Website Optimization

eCommerce SEO Results
Real results from a recent client

After developing a custom strategy for your business, we’ll effectively optimize your website’s product, category, and brand pages to target a number of keywords and arrange the content just how the search engines like it. All clients that move forward with our SEO services see a lift in search placements simply from our on-site optimization. In some instances–depending on the size of your store–it may not be necessary or feasible to optimize every single product page, but we’re able to effectively optimize stores with a large number of product pages. We’ll also work directly with your company to ensure that your product pages are designed for optimal conversions and your internal linking is on-point for optimal search placements across the board.

eCommerce SEO Services – Off-Site Optimization

Effective white hat link building is the life-blood of every SEO campaign. Our team of experts sources highly-relevant, incredibly powerful links that drive your store above the competition. In fact, outranking Amazon (and other Internet 500 retailers) with client eCommerce websites is our specialty and we take pride in the results we deliver. We’ve achieved–and still maintain–dominant placements in notoriously competitive industries like vitamins and supplements, industrial manufacturing equipment, and pet supplies. Our results have withstood every algorithm update, are 100% transparent, and reported to you in detail every month.