How to Change Default Text Editor On Mac OSX to TextWrangler

Efficiency is key. There’s no need to go through and right click, then select which program with witch to open a file every time. It’s much easier to tell your Mac to simply make its default editor whatever you’d like. We use TextWrangler. Make life easy, and set your Mac so that every time you open a particular type of file, it opens in your program of choice. More efficiency = more money.

How do you change the default text editor?

1. Left Click your file (in the video we’re using a .css)
2. In the top bar at the very top of you mac screen, click FILE and then GET INFO.
3. Click about 2/3 rds of the way down where it says OPEN WITH
4. Select your program of choice, in this case it’s textwrangler
5. Then select CHANGE ALL

That’s all there is to it. View the video for a visual walk through.