Video Marketing Services

Promote Your Videos to Get More Traffic

Our video optimization services get you seen and drive you to the top. If you’re not leveraging this strategy, your missing easy search traffic and qualified leads. Plain and simple.

With YouTube as the #2 search engine in the world, videos are no longer an optional component for your business. Not only do videos increase conversions, it’s becoming largely preferred to text.


How It SEO Works

We take your existing YouTube channel and promote it. You’ll see increased views, traffic, and eyeballs on your products or services. We’ll optimize your videos for search placements and promote them naturally, just the way search engines like it. Our tactics are ethical and spend-worthy, meaning you won’t waste money on short-term results or something that’s going to bite you in the rear a few months down the road.

How Do We Improve Rankings?

There’s a variety of promotional activities that help with ranking placements. Below are the factors provided directly by YouTube.

  • Number of views
  • Keyword-specific title
  • Target keywords in the description
  • Tags
  • Links from other websites
  • Number of embeds
  • Number of comments
  • Number of subscribers
  • Likes/ratings
  • Number of adds to playlists
  • Shares across social networks
  • Video age
  • Overall channel views

In addition to the above best practices, having an outline for creating great content is essential for success. General guidelines are as follows:

  • Present a great intro and establish your brand
  • Display value quickly to encourage
  • Provide your professional opinion(s)
  • Have a clear call to action

The Future of Promotion

With the rise of software apps like Camtasia and marketplaces like Fiverr, you don’t need to sink thousands into production to engage your audience. The web has taken access and affordability to new levels.

YouTube Optimization

YouTube is the second most searched site on the web (after Google), and it’s now even owned by Google, so ranking there means ranking in Google search as well, so you get double credit.

Complete Web Resources has worked with clients that receive the vast majority of site visits simply by creating good YouTube content and promoting it effectively. You can do the same thing.

As the internet continues its path of evolution and new trends emerge, new marketing techniques come to the forefront. In an effort to stay one step ahead of their competition, or at least keep pace, businesses are continually seeking new ways of reaching their target audience. Thanks to online marketing, this has become much, much easier.

Video search marketing is not only a breakthrough marketing platform, but it has recently established itself as the most effective medium for businesses across a wide array of sectors, allowing them to promote their products and services to a growing audience base. You’re about to discover how powerful online marketing is and the ways in which it can benefit your business.

What is Video Marketing?
From webinars to YouTube, testimonials to live events and everything in between, successful businesses are leveraging compelling media content and incorporating it into their marketing pursuits.

The best part is, you can create effective shorts with nothing more than a webcam and screen sharing software. The internet and availability of cost-effective software has shattered the need for expensive production equipment. So, if you don’t have existing content to market, it is now easier than ever before to produce for marketing purposes.

But, what comes after an effective, content-rich production? The video needs to be effectively distributed so that interested eyes will actually see it. This is where the marketing part of the equation comes into play. Visual content can be used in a number of ways. They can be sent inside of email promotions for increased open and conversion rates, and they can also be used for webinars to provide value and promote products and services. Both of these are effective strategies, and they allow you to host on your own site as well.

By hosting videos on your own site, you are marketing to people who likely are already visitors to your site, creating an unparalleled level of engagement through highly effective direct marketing. Moreover, Google and the other search engines love content, and they are now boosting the rankings of sites with valuable and relevant content.

This brings us to one of the best options as far as SEO: YouTube. Youtube massively increases your visibility. The goal is to engage with targeted users and effectively promote your products and services, ending with a call to action to visit your business’s website.

What Are the Benefits ?
Your promotion strategy needs to be properly managed and implemented in order for it to be effective. If not, your content will be less visible than plankton in the vast sea of the Internet. It is critical that targeted eyes see your video and then see your business’s products and services as a result. So, what exactly can content promotion do for you? How about:

• Greater Online Visibility
• Increased Number of Visitors and Sales
• Brand Awareness
• Gaining Valuable Links
• Social Media Engagement

With effective search marketing and engaging with social media websites like Facebook and YouTube, you will be creating a vast amount of increased exposure for your brand. These websites use visual communication as an essential part of their functionality, and they are constantly evolving to provide brands with more effective means of promotion.

The combination of social media marketing opens the door to an entirely new audience, and allows you to engage and interact with people in a unique way that will funnel engaged and targeted traffic to your site. When using these sites, one of the obvious fundamentals is the inclusion of a back link to your site, which can improve your rankings and your number of site visitors.

Take your business’s online marketing efforts to a whole new level. Simply create engaging and informative content, effectively promote it, and watch the visitors and sales come flooding in. It really is that simple. When used correctly, this medium can substantially boost your marketing campaigns. Having a voice and a message that is heard by the masses is extremely powerful, and a professionally managed campaign will increase your business’s brand exposure, drive hordes of traffic to your site, and catapult your sales as a result. As they say, the proof is in the pudding, so let’s take a look at some powerful statistics.

Our professional marketers can help you get a lot of mileage from only one effective video by adding it into your marketing mix. From email promotions to search results and so on, countless studies have conclusively shown that video can improve your Google rankings, open rates, conversions, click through rates, and much more.

How can this be? Well, let’s take a look at the far reach that video now has throughout today’s modern digital landscape. According to comScore, 84.5 percent of the total Internet audience in the U.S. is now comprised of online users. Additionally, engagement levels for these users are steadily rising as engagement continues to play an increasingly prominent role in the overall online experience of today’s Internet users.

Furthermore, a recent study conducted by Forrester Research has shown that web pages with videos are 50 times more likely to show up on the highly competitive first page of Google’s search results. The fact is, Google loves content, and its recent acquisition of YouTube is proof of this. Now that Google now owns the world’s most popular movie sharing site, its ranking algorithms will only continue giving increased priority in the search results.

You’ve likely heard of the saying, “The money is in the list.” An email with the term “video” in the subject line will be opened two to three times more than an email subject line without it. You cannot directly embed in emails, but you can use an image with a simple play button to receive five to six times the number of clicks.

Whether it’s a webinar, search marketing, or a landing page used in an email marketing campaign, including videos will lead to increased conversions. According to Zappos, product pages that include videos convert nearly 30 percent better than standard product pages without. Even more surprising, Vidyard reported that videos can increase conversions by over 100 percent. So, not only do they attract more users and lead to increased traffic, they also increases the conversion rate of this traffic. Now, that’s definitely what you call a win-win situation.

Can You Rank in Youtube or in Google?
We are marketing professionals with advanced knowledge in every aspect of marketing, not a movie production company. We can market your existing content across the web and get it ranked in YouTube and Google. With our services, you’ll immediately notice increased views and traffic to your website.

After Google, YouTube is the most popular site on the entire global web. But guess what? We can get your videos ranked on both. How’s that for bang for your buck? Can you imagine potentially having thousands of visitors a day seeing your content, liking what they see, and heading over to your site to sign up for your newsletter or purchase your products?

We pride ourselves on ethical marketing tactics that will get you natural search engine results, but we also have quite a few underground tactics up our sleeves for link creation and getting front page results.

How Long Do Your Services Take?
Depending on your niche and the keywords you want to target, we can rank your videos in minutes, days, weeks, or months. We will ensure everything is tagged and linked correctly and share your content across social media channels, resulting in increased views, likes, comments, and much more. All of which play an integral role in the ranking process. After your videos or your site is ranked, it will continue to climb up the ranking from the increased traffic, securing its spot amongst the top of the coveted search engine results.