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How to Add Facebook Contacts to LinkedIn

If you use LinkedIn and Facebook, there is currently not an option on LinkedIn that streamlines the process of combining your contacts. If you sign up for a Yahoo account, however, you can copy your Facebook contacts to LinkedIn connections without having to manually enter them one at a time. This is a great way […]

Google+ for Small Businesses

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. “Great, another social media network…” As small businesses continue to invest a healthy amount of time and money into social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter already, many are understandably hesitant to flock to Google+. Although Google+ is relatively new and still in its early stages, it certainly […]

How to Solve Search Traffic Declines

When you initially launched your website, tracking growing traffic numbers was exciting and motivating – something to help measure progress and determine success. However, over time you may have noticed your traffic numbers decline despite continuous efforts on your end to publish unique and engaging content and optimize your website for search. Instead of losing […]

Set Up Email Hosting Through Gmail

First login to your gmail account, the one you’d like to use to connect with the email account you just set up. From there, click the cog at the right hand side and then click the Settings tab from the drop down. Then click the accounts and import tab and scroll down to Check mail […]

How to Change the WordPress Permalink Structure

In this video we’re going to talk about optimizing WordPress and how to change your WordPress permalink structure which is hugely important for SEO, absolutely essential, and it’s really easy to do through WordPress, so go ahead and go to your website. Go to wp-admin, log into the back end of your site, and under […]

Fonts and Colors from the Globes Biggest Brands

Ever wondered what goes into a logo? Our boys over at Tasty Placement just finished a genius study on the fonts and colors from the planet’s largest consumer brands. If you’re developing a logo, be sure to scope this fresh infographic before making any hard decisions. Infographic authored by TastyPlacement, an Austin SEO and web […]

5 Facebook Display Elements to Enhance your Branding

Marketers should never rule out engagement with their followers, because that’s what is going to get more audience to their social pages. It is very important to post content that become viral easily and help in building and spreading the brand reputation. Facebook has been evolving every day to enhance the marketing experience. Using good […]

How to Add the Schema Review Snippet to BigCommerce

Be sure to check out our other post on how to improve BigCommerce search placements across your entire store. It takes less than 10 minutes to implement and works incredibly well. Check it here. There’s a large number of tutorials on how to implement this, but none of them worked for me. From your BigCommerce […]

Get Google to Text You SEO Alerts

Have you ever had that moment when your heart stops and stomach sinks as you dig into Google Analytics only to find out traffic dropped off days or weeks ago? You’re not alone. What you need is a set of SEO alerts to go off the minute something drastic happens, whether it’s a Panda bite […]

Top 10 Free Responsive WordPress Themes

Here are our picks for the top 10 Free Responsive WordPress themes out there. Orion Theme Orion Theme Demo Oxygen Theme Oxygen Theme Demo Gridly Gridly Theme Demo Yasmin Yasmin Theme Demo Design Folio Design Folio Theme Demo Pinboard Theme Pinboard Theme Demo Launcher Theme Launcher Theme Demo Colorlabs Colorlabs Theme Demo AccentBox Accent Box […]