Wow, Great Content. Now What?

content promotion planningSo you managed to create the plat de resistance infographic that really defines your company, market, and user to a T. It is magnificent; you love it so much you printed it out to frame it on the wall. Wow. Take a step back for a second…what now?

At a recent unconference put on by Copypress, I discussed this very scenario. The problem facing many strategists is not just how to make the most use out of the content they create, but how to promote content in the best way possible to ensure maximum ROI, skirting any potential search engine issues. In the presentation I discussed how a well thought out campaign can look, when combining the right content with the right promotion strategy. The client, AirBNB, had commissioned a richly interactive infographic that deep linked into important sections of site, so right off the bat SEO objectives were aligned.

The next phase of the campaign involved AirBNB’s capable SEO and PR team performing outreach to major publications to coincide with the launch of their economic impact study. The result? Publications like Washington Post happily linked to the piece.

Success, right? Not even close to done yet. As this was occurring some unknown company named CopyPress was pushing native ad traffic to the piece to get it in front of more linking eyeballs. This constant onslaught of high level outreach and native promotion yielded fantastic results, all without ever having to resort to spamming or other unsavory activities. What’s great is the initial traffic fueled more traffic, with links begetting more and more links, such as Time Magazine, Virgin, and Mashable.

As of today 127 high quality links are flowing directly into the economic survey and another 44 from the blog post announcing the impact study. All in all, everyone ended up happy.

What does this mean for you?

  1. Outreach and promotion are still vital, especially in the days of easily shareable content.
  2. Work with intelligent strategists to ensure you are matching the right type of promotion with the content you want to have developed.
  3. You can still compete in this day and age, and you can still win.

Ok, you’re not AirBNB. Let’s say that you’re a custom home developer in the Austin area that believes in search and wants to get ahead. How could you do better? Some thoughts…

  1. Create a rich and engaging infographic on the history of homesteading in Austin and some famous families that have settled into the area over the last ~200 years (starting with Moses Austin).
  2. Outreach to local historical societies, journals, and newspapers discussing the importance of homesteading for Austin. Forgotten topics are great fodder for material because there are passionate individuals willing to link to such material.
  3. Time the piece to go live with a pro-Austin event or ceremony and utilize soft PR to notify mayor’s office as a feel-good puff piece that everyone in the community can feel positive about.
  4. Once live, purchase PPC traffic on non-commercial Austin home related queries specifically to get in front of journalists looking to write on something related to the pro-Austin event.
  5. Success!

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