Creating a Retro Badge in Photoshop

Retro is trending nowadays; you see it everywhere in web design, posters, flyers, logos and of course Badges. So today we are also going retro and creating an interesting retro badge in Photoshop. Before we start designing let’s see what we need to get this done. Resources: Minimal patterns: Final result: Step 1: Open […]

21 Examples of Responsive Web Design Done Right

Widespread implementation of responsive web design (RWD) is relatively new in the design world, and though it’s gaining steam, the perfect method of implementation has yet to make itself known. Often designers are on their own in their efforts to figure out how to gracefully degrade the fancy features in their client’s websites, while still […]

How to Code a WordPress Footer Link to Show for Homepage Only

It’s important that web designers be able to credit themselves by adding a footer link to a website in the footer, but with the recent Google algorithm changes, having your link on every page of the site is actually a negative ranking factor with regard to SEO. You’re much better off with an internal page […]