12 Techniques of Persuasion Psychology That Will Lift Your Conversion Rate

Why do some landing pages convert like crazy and others languish with very few click-throughs? If you’re spending money on PPC or content marketing to drive traffic to your site and not seeing great results, this question is probably on your mind a lot. Split testing only takes you so far if you’ve run out […]

Material Design for Dummies

Why material design isn’t flat design: the differences, the specificities, and some examples of proper implementation. According to Google’s official Introduction to Material Design, the goal they had in mind for the concept was to: “Create a visual language that synthesizes classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science.” […]


5 Unfailing Facets of Flat Design

Image Credit: Mobile UIs have radically altered the way in which users are engaging with digital interfaces. Gestural controls are slowly replacing mouse clicks, a premium is placed on screen real estate, and skeuomorphism has all but gone the way of the caribou. In place of former 3D realism stands the Flat design revolution […]


Fixing Mobile Usability Issues in WordPress

If your WordPress site has received a Google Webmaster Tools notification that your site has mobile usability issues there are a couple of possible culprits. The first and most obvious is that your site isn’t responsive. If that’s the case, you can switch to a responsive wordpress theme OR hire a developer to make your […]


How to Install and Test a WordPress Development Site Before Switching DNS

How Can You View a Development Site in WordPress When it Has a Different IP Address? Building a website in WordPress for a client that already has an existing and active website, but who also wants to move to another hosting account is as easy as it gets. The advantage to building a site this […]


AI Design: Robot Apocalypse Warning Number 1

(licensed for reuse, credit to artist: The electrician by Lemondjinn) HAL 9000, Skynet, and Agent Smith. Malevolent AI is a well explored trope in both film and literature, one that’s been around long before computers were even a thing. The first reference to an “information generating machine” appears way back in 1726 in Gulliver’s Travels […]


Mobile UI Trends Every Designer Should Know

The farther we travel into the digital age, the clearer it becomes that mobile computing is the single most disruptive technology to the paradigm of the 20th century. With the sum of all human knowledge at our fingertips—wherever we go—it’s impossible not to feel at least a little overwhelmed, on occasion. That’s why the design […]

Anticipatory Design: Dangers and Allures

Anticipatory design is a term coined by the CEO of the Huge creative design agency, Aaron Shapiro, that connotes an elimination of the decision fatigue as the next ideal to be reached in web and product design. One example he cites, in his manifesto on the subject, is an application that automatically books a flight […]

A Macroscopic Look at Micro Interactions

 A description of purpose, implementation, and utility of micro interactions as well as a gallery of good looking examples. “Big” is, and has always been, made up of lots of small. Just as a multitude of sand makes up a beach, dozens of contact points between user and UI make up a pleasant user experience. […]

24 Examples of Insanely Cool 404 Pages Nothing’s worse than searching for a page that isn’t there. Frankly, bluntly, and in all other ways candid: hitting a 404 page usually sucks. There are, however, some creative methods one can employ to make the frustrating 404 experience suck a little less. Humorous attempts have been made by imaginative webmasters all over the […]