Rating Monster Local Reviews Plugin

This plugin offers an easy solution to building local business reviews on Google Places, Yelp, and Facebook. At this time, these are the only three sites we have set up to work in the plugin, but we are open to adding more in the future.

Plugin Setup

After downloading and activating the plugin “Rating Monster” is a new Tab in your WP Admin sidebar.

Rating Monster >> General Options

Start by adding your review profile links. For Yelp and Facebook, this is a simple copy/paste of the URLs, but Google makes this slightly more troublesome. We’re piggybacking off of the Whitespark review generator tool, which creates a perfect short link that works on mobile and desktop browsers.


Form Styling

We have a couple styling options here for now, and will likely build out this section for general users in the future. If you know CSS, edit your child theme’s style sheet as needed.


You also have the option of easily editing the specific message text your customers will see.

Be sure to click save at the bottom of this page.

Rating Monster >> Forms

At this point, your form is ready. Copy the shortcode and paste it on any page or post of your site.
If you have multiple locations, you can create additional forms there.

Front End Notes/ Functions

Customers are first given the option to select their level of satisfaction with the business with a radio button option range from “Very Likely” to recommend to a friend or colleague to “Highly Unlikely.”


If someone is feels anything other than very happy with their experience, they have the opportunity to leave a comment about their experience so the business can know why, what happened, and if there is the possibility of taking any additional action on that part of that customer.


If the customer had a great experience, this is an excellent opportunity to ask them to make that sentiment public! They are then offered their choice of Google Places, Yelp, and Facebook to leave a review for the business.

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Compatible up to: 4.7.3
Requires version: Untested
Last Updated: Jan 11, 2017
Downloads: 573

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