Discovering Expert Advice: The 5 Best SEO Communities on Google+

If you’re actually an active Google+ user (which is likely, if you’re an SEO), there are numerous communities specifically for SEOs and digital marketers, many of which have a solid number of knowledgable members working in the space. All are free to join, provide feedback, answer questions, and share relevant industry news. Additionally, regular interaction on Google+ improves the authority of your account, drives traffic back to your website(s), and helps your personal branding.

The communities listed below are all active with daily posts, loads of advice, and discussions about trending topics.

Technical SEO
This community is full of professional SEOs tackling and discussing more finite search-related issues. Strong community engagement and a substantial number of well-know, public SEOs from the space.

Categories: General Tech Talk, Membership & Administration, Technical Audits, SEO Tools & SAAS Providers, Semantic Search / Linked Data, Site SPeed & Performance, Analytics & Measurement, Patents / Papers / IR Geekery, Algo Impacts / SERP Changes, Google & Bing Tools, Developer Tools, Social / Email / Retention, Events

G+ Technical SEO

SEO+ – Search Engine Optimization / Website Design
The largest community from the list (with over 30K members) covers a broader range of topics related to search engine optimization, as well as design. Lots of experts and plenty of great content shared here.

Categories: SEO Community, Search Engine Optimization, SEM – Search Engine Marketing, Mobile SEO, Author Rank – Authorship, Google, Google Webmaster Tools, Local SEO, Google+ Tips, Google Analytics, Google PLaces, Blogging for SEO, SEO Tools / SEO Tips, Social Media, Web Design, Responsive Design, Content Marketing, SEO / Tech Humor, Google AdWords, Semantic Search / Web / SEO, Events

G+ SEO and Web Design

Link Builders
Whether you’re a professional SEO, CRO, or designer, keeping up with what’s going on in the link ecosystem is important. This is a great group of people from in-house teams, professional agencies, and entrepreneurs who love the art of link procurement and acquisition. Droves of industry news, discussions, and advice that extends beyond the link building space. Also has occasional meme and GIF contests, which are not to be missed.

Categories: General Discussion, Link Building Tips, Industry News/Articles, Other SEO News/Articles, Industry Events, Link Building Humor, Link Building Best Practices, Link Building Philosophy, Events

G+ Link Builders

Local SEO News
Specifically focused on local search optimization, this community does a great job of covering all aspects of local search, including optimizing for the local pack within Bing and Yahoo, something many businesses and SEOs often overlook.

Categories: Introductions, Local SEO, Tips and Tricks, Local Marketing, SEO Questions, General Discussion, Local SEO News, SEO Videos, Local SEO Tools, SEO Basics, Citation Tips, Link Building, Google+ Local, Yahoo Local, Bing Local, Author Rank – Authorship, SEO Jobs, Local Mobile

G+ Local SEO

eCommerce News & Insights
While this is a smaller community and not purely SEO, there’s plenty of excellent information as it pertains to running an online retail shop, including search optimization strategies and tips.

Categories: Discussion, Ecommerce, Tips, Solutions, Web Development, Web Design, Video, Infographics

G+ eCommerce Insights



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