Top Austin Twitter Accounts By Niche

A compilation of Austin Twitter accounts that every Austinite should know. Most of these accounts are easy enough to find, but this list organizes all of these essential Austin Twitter accounts in one place. Austin News Media Outlets @klru – Non profit Austin radio @KUT – Austin public media @TexasMonthly – Texas Monthly Magazine @statesman […]


Why Everyone Is Moving to Austin

Austin is the fastest growing city in the US, and for good reason; it offers aspiring Austinites a fast growing economy and a cost of living that’s 15% below the national average. The crime rates are low, the housing market is healthy, and Austin ranks as one of the fittest cities in the US, with […]

A Simple Link Removal Approach That Works Nearly Every Time

Manually cleaning up naughty links can be an arduous task, especially if you’re looking at hundreds to thousands of deindexed domains linking to your site. While disavow is always an option, we’ve seen manual removal yield significant ranking recoveries in substantially less time, If there’s a working contact form or public admin email via whois, […]

Best New One Page Responsive WordPress Themes

One page websites are growing in popularity and WordPress developers are paying attention. Here at CWR we really like parallax design, anything flat, and one pagers. You’d be crazy to design a new site that’s not responsive, so everything here is of course. We did a post in January on the top free responsive WordPress […]

Google Plus SEO – Insider Tips for Ranking Benefits

Optimizing Google Plus means aligning the on-page SEO elements within your profile, optimally integrating Google Plus with your website, and developing a network involved of followers to whom you can promote interesting content, at least some of which then links back to your website. This article is an overview of a few somewhat higher level […]

Building Links for Small Businesses

Link building is often viewed as something that is more suited for large companies. Small businesses do not have the budgets or man-power to undertake large scale link building campaigns. Building links tends to be very labor intensive and time consuming and small business owners usually have too many other things going on to focus […]

How to Set Up an Alias in Gmail (Send from different email account)

To set up an alias, and be able to send mail from a different domain or account other than Gmail, while still using Gmail, step one is to set a forwarder. It’s not required by gmail, but this way you can get their verification email without having to log into your old email account. Setting […]

How to Code a WordPress Footer Link to Show for Homepage Only

It’s important that web designers be able to credit themselves by adding a footer link to a website in the footer, but with the recent Google algorithm changes, having your link on every page of the site is actually a negative ranking factor with regard to SEO. You’re much better off with an internal page […]

How to Add Facebook Contacts to LinkedIn

If you use LinkedIn and Facebook, there is currently not an option on LinkedIn that streamlines the process of combining your contacts. If you sign up for a Yahoo account, however, you can copy your Facebook contacts to LinkedIn connections without having to manually enter them one at a time. This is a great way […]

Google+ for Small Businesses

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. “Great, another social media network…” As small businesses continue to invest a healthy amount of time and money into social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter already, many are understandably hesitant to flock to Google+. Although Google+ is relatively new and still in its early stages, it certainly […]