Ungagged Vegas - 2017

Why I’m Going to Ungagged 2017

I’ve been to droves of SEO and digital marketing conferences over the years and while larger events like PubCon and Traffic & Conversion Summit certainly have their place, Ungagged has continually proven itself to provide the best ROI for my time.

Running an agency, we get to play in a lot of strange verticals and I always leave a conference with at least one idea that’s be applicable to my business or a client campaign. Unfortunately, the larger conferences are often rife with company hype men who talk more about what’s hot in the space rather than what’s actually working. This tweet from Brian Provost sums up the type nicely.

Ungagged is Not Like Most Marketing Conferences

The beauty of Ungagged (in addition to the sessions) is the people who attend and the tactics, strategies, and insights you can pick up hanging out around the bar. Ungagged brings together some of the best expert SEOs and digital marketers of all creeds/shades (many you’ve never heard of) and all of them love to talk shop and often share more than they should once the booze is flowing.

I’ve picked up a number of awesome tactics over the last couple years just from chatting up attendees hanging at the bar. Even if you don’t have the palate for the darker side of search marketing, some of the conversations I’ve had were fascinating and I’m still using many of the marketing strategies I picked up conversations had during the networking events.

This year’s speaker lineup is solid and I’m very much looking forward to seeing sessions from Joe SinkwitzJerry West, and Bartosz Góralewicz. I loved Joe’s session last year on Dark Influence (deck here) and Jerry West’s presentation on SEO Mind Crimes at Ungagged London was awesome (behind paywall here).

Check out the speaker lineup and grab your ticket’s here (early bird pricing ends today.)

Hope to see you there 🙂