Infographic: Why Everyone Is Moving to Austin

Austin is the fastest growing city in the US, and for good reason; it offers aspiring Austinites a fast growing economy and a cost of living that’s 15% below the national average. The crime rates are low, the housing market is healthy, and Austin ranks as one of the fittest cities in the US, with a population that loves being outdoors and having a great time.

Why Everyone is Moving to Austin

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Thanks to the folks over at Austin Ventures, we now have a larger print ready version of the infographic available. Download the giant jpeg (11 inches in width at 240 dpi).

For an updated version of this infographic, check out Why Everyone is STILL moving to Austin.


14 Replies to “Infographic: Why Everyone Is Moving to Austin”

  1. Mateo says:

    Yankees go home!!!

  2. DNAlx says:

    It’s not possible it’s 15% under the average cost of living. There average house listing price requires a loan that you can’t get with the average Austin salary. AKA you can’ afford to live here.

  3. Austin Real Estate Secrets says:

    Very nicely done. In fact, with the number of articles and praise of Austin culture, entertainment, business climate and job growth–this chart could be 10 pages long and still not cover all the good things that have been written about living and working in Austin today. It is no surprise to those of us in the Real Estate industry that people are moving to Austin and will continue to do so. We have heard it first hand from transplants for years now and some of us have had the opportunity to live in other parts of the US and world and we understand very well how Austin stacks up against other cities. The truth is, as a package, it does not get much better than this. Thanks for your wonderful graphic that paints this picture! tT

  4. Donna Burkett says:

    Unfortunately, you did not mention the horrible traffic situation nor the astronomical property taxes, both of which continue to increase with every person that moves here!
    Native Austinite, (Yes. I was actually born and reared here!)

  5. Ryan Robinson says:

    Thanks for creating this great infographic, awesome job. I’ve been considering moving myself and my business to Austin..this definitely helps me pull the trigger on the move.

    1. Doris Burson says:

      Hey, Ryan. If you are looking for a Realtor in the Austin, Texas area, I would be glad to help you.

  6. Will says:

    I own two homes in the Austin area. I love these articles.

  7. NiteQwill says:

    That’s all nice and all… but the problem lies 10-20 years from now… A problem that is already occurring in Austin.

    Those ditching their states due to failed politics and economies bring their baggage with them and expect their politics and economic policies to work in their new town… especially those from the Northeast, California, etc.

  8. Jack Harrison says:

    Thanks. A great Read.

  9. Hathor says:

    Austin is easily the most expensive city in Texas due to the high number of transplants from high COL states. I question if you include the housing costs involved when purchasing a home with a reasonable commute.

  10. Jeff says:

    I recently moved to Austin because I like to stare at girls in yoga pants. No but seriously, awesome city. Only one that I’d permanently live in that isn’t on the coast.

  11. Greg Markley says:

    We are moving back to Austin for many reasons in spite of the high cost of living (housing), horrific traffic and property taxes.

  12. Tommy Landry says:

    Thanks for sharing the infographic – good information. We just added it to the Internet Austin blog with a link.

  13. Harper says:

    Is there an updated one of these awesome things? :).

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