How to Install and Test a WordPress Development Site Before Switching DNS

How Can You View a Development Site in WordPress When it Has a Different IP Address? Building a website in WordPress for a client that already has an existing and active website, but who also wants to move to another hosting account is as easy as it gets. The advantage to building a site this […]


AI Design: Robot Apocalypse Warning Number 1

(licensed for reuse, credit to artist: The electrician by Lemondjinn) HAL 9000, Skynet, and Agent Smith. Malevolent AI is a well explored trope in both film and literature, one that’s been around long before computers were even a thing. The first reference to an “information generating machine” appears way back in 1726 in Gulliver’s Travels […]

Google Testing More Green Ads, Santa Monica Movers Get Stars

SERPs looking particularly uniform today? Google appears to be running another test with the green “Ad” tag for AdWords ads. Several sites reported on people seeing this back in April and I noticed it again today via private firefox window, logged out. In national SERPs–particularly search queries returning ads without extensions–there’s virtually zero visual differentiation […]

WordPress Optimization Guide

Basic WordPress 101 Adding a Basic Post Installing a Custom Theme Via FTP Add a Gif to a Post or Page Add an XML Sitemap Install WordPress Automatically with Cpanel and Fantastico Optimizing the WordPress Admin Area Change the Default Media Upload Location Automatically Ping Search Engines Set WordPress to Auto Ping Posts Change the […]


Mobile UI Trends Every Designer Should Know

The farther we travel into the digital age, the clearer it becomes that mobile computing is the single most disruptive technology to the paradigm of the 20th century. With the sum of all human knowledge at our fingertips—wherever we go—it’s impossible not to feel at least a little overwhelmed, on occasion. That’s why the design […]

Google Testing New Auto Loan Calculator

Noticed Google testing a new auto loan calculator in SERPS. They’ve had a general purpose calculator for years now, started testing a mortgage calculator about a year ago, and it appears they started testing the auto payment calculator on Thanksgiving & are showing it on and off to some portion of their visitors for the […]

Anticipatory Design: Dangers and Allures

Anticipatory design is a term coined by the CEO of the Huge creative design agency, Aaron Shapiro, that connotes an elimination of the decision fatigue as the next ideal to be reached in web and product design. One example he cites, in his manifesto on the subject, is an application that automatically books a flight […]

A Macroscopic Look at Micro Interactions

 A description of purpose, implementation, and utility of micro interactions as well as a gallery of good looking examples. “Big” is, and has always been, made up of lots of small. Just as a multitude of sand makes up a beach, dozens of contact points between user and UI make up a pleasant user experience. […]

24 Examples of Insanely Cool 404 Pages Nothing’s worse than searching for a page that isn’t there. Frankly, bluntly, and in all other ways candid: hitting a 404 page usually sucks. There are, however, some creative methods one can employ to make the frustrating 404 experience suck a little less. Humorous attempts have been made by imaginative webmasters all over the […]

Google Testing Paid Nearby Businesses for Broad Local Terms

Noticed Google testing paid Nearby Businesses listings for broader terms that look nearly identical to the new local snack pack that recently rolled out, with one major difference: pay-to-play listings. I took a number of screenshots so you can see the various ad layouts they’re currently testing. Quality results for “dermatologists nearby” at the bottom.’= […]